The third generation Veyron Computer Workstation!

Build with industrial grade components since2015, Ingrem is dedicated to creating a comfortable, immersive and aesthetically unique environment for people that spend hours in front of computer monitors. Customize your computer workstation to meet your needs。

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Ergonomic design

Enhance your comfort and creativity


    Attracting and retaining employees and keeping them healthy and productive is essential to the success of organizations

  • All steel frame design

    The new design, all steel structure, through rigorous testing equipment, under more severe external environment


    INGREM computer workstation is ideal for individuals expecting the most from themselves and their work environment

  • Save space

    Reduce costs by shrinking the overall footprint of space while consolidating your workforce, and can be much more productive

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Massage heating system

Excellent design and performance

INGREM since the date of birth is to become the computer workstation of a health, high performance and design, thanks to INGREM 360 degree rotating power assembly. INGREM performance , 0 - 180 accelerated parallel rotation, the fastest only 0.5 seconds. Through the human body engineering design, INGREM can also meet your programmer , stocks, Electronic Sports and other various needs, health and relaxed and Let your happiness within

  • Heating system

    Heating system

    Built in electric massage system, and carbon fiber heating system, massage point distribution in the back and bottom of the interior, can be at any time to massage the neck and thigh. Ease the fatigue caused by long time computer operation.

  • Ergonomic design

    Ergonomic design

    Simple ergonomic design, and PU build, long time by sitting comfortable not fatigue

  • Cool appearance

    Cool appearance

    Smooth lines outline the structure of the fuselage, on both sides of the match line design, the moment to attract the eye, allowing players to instantly go into a state of war.

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Order now INGREM cockpit can get one ASUS VA321N-W31.5 inch

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